Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014

Why You Should Use An Insurance Backed Bail Bond Agent

Most bail bondsmen are backed by million dollar if not billion dollar insurance companies that may be licensed in one state or many states. Small companies may elect to focus their services in their state of domicile while bigger companies will usually be licensed in more than one state. Whether they do business in one state or many states they will have to be licensed in each state that they do business in. Once licensed in a state it will have to abide by the laws of that state.

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Every state has a Division of Insurance and its sole purpose is to protect the consumer. If they receive a complaint from a consumer it will follow up on that complaint to see if it has any merit. If, in their mind, an insurance company or its bail agent has violated the insurance laws of that state it will demand an explanation. If the complaint has merit the insurance company will have to correct their wrong doing or that of its bail bond agent. There will most likely be fines for the infraction. If the problem is not corrected to the satisfaction of the Division of Insurance, the insurance company could be fined even more severely and possibly suspended.

If an insurance company is suspended in one state it is normally suspended in all of the states that it is licensed. They're not going to allow that to happen because being shut down, for even one day would be very costly.

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